We provide services designed to enable us to work cooperatively with clients in order to meet their various goals and objectives. Our prestigious list of clients is always available upon request. Each one of our services can be delivered individually on a project basis or as part of our comprehensive annual consulting services contract. Some of the services that Locey & Cahill, LLC provides are as follows:

  • Initial Analysis of overall plan operations keying in on the three major components of Health Benefit Programs (Administration, Funding, and Benefit Plan Design).
  • Health Insurance & Workers’ Compensation Quality Assurance Audits are customized to provide clients with a complete and thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of their claims administrator or insurance company.
  • Financial Analysis Services including the development of trend data, budgets, and premium rates. We also provide Actuarial Opinion Statements concerning premium rates, budgets, and reserves through Armory Associates, LLC.
  • Benefit Plan Design Analysis will present clients with ongoing advice and guidance in the development of a benefit plan formulated to be cost effective and not cost prohibitive.
  • Health Insurance & Workers; Compensation General Consulting Services and Medicare Part D Subsidy Program Services designed on a client specific basis to meet the needs of that particular client. The services of Locey & Cahill, LLC can be beneficial to all types of employers. We have customized our service contracts to allow for the flexibility needed to provide professional consulting services to groups ranging in size from less than one hundred to groups of tens of thousands.
  • The amount of time and effort associated with tracking and measuring the interactions of your employees with their health benefits coverage can be staggering. Much the same way that Locey & Cahill has guided our clients through the complicated process of collecting RDS Subsidy Reimbursements, we are ready to combine our broad knowledge of the ACA. Our detailed, customer specific approach to problems to provide our clients with a unique service that will provide you with the detailed analysis, and easy to implement recommendations to ensure that your organization will minimize any additional costs associated with this phase of the ACA.


If you would like information about the recent Affordable Care Act please feel free to contact our office.

Our office handles accounts for School Districts and Municipalities. We are an Independent Consulting Firm and can assist you with your Health Insurance and Workers' Compensation needs.

If you have any questions about your Health Care or Worker's Compensation Plan you can contact our office.