Historic newspaper photo of Martin Cahill and Stephen Locey

Based in Armory Square, Downtown Syracuse, Locey & Cahill has been in successful operation since 1995

History of Locey & Cahill, LLC

Established in 1995, Locey & Cahill set out to fill a void in the growing demand for employee benefits consulting firms who provide impartial, objective, and transparent guidance to employers, trusts, labor groups, and other concerned parties.

Our commitment to this level of guidance, which is never subject to any alliance or affiliations, is what continues to separate us from our competitors to this day.

With this mission as our guide, we have provided our clients with the technical advice and guidance necessary to make informed and educated decisions relative to the future success of their health, dental, vision, prescription drug, and workers’ compensation employee benefits plans for nearly 30 years.

Since the firm’s formation, we have established a client base that includes some of the most prestigious municipal and private sector groups in New York State.